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zoom_zip wrote

that critique just doesn’t really make sense

you can migrate instances without losing followers/history etc. saying that you can’t is kind of just a lie. if your instance bans an instance that you want to interact with, then they probably did it for a reason, and if that reason doesn’t sit with you, then yeah, you can just move to another instance that interacts with both of them. to do this is literally a click of a button

and yea, if for some reason that doesn’t exist (why wouldn’t it? there’s so many instances) then you can make your own. the whitelist thing is kinda weird because you’d just contact the instance and ask to be whitelisted, and if they are both banning your friends without good reason and refusing to whitelist you, then eventually you gotta think about whether it really matters to you to interact with that instance

like, these criticisms are pros, not cons. yet they’re framing them like the ability to associate freely is a bad thing?

so bad that you might as well just stay on twitter where you can spam ratio into a coercive algorithm that only wants you to interact with brands and marketing personalities


zoom_zip wrote

deeper in the thread they call mastodon a “walled garden” and i facepalmed so hard i almost broke my own nose.


kinshavo wrote

Just now people are noticing that social media imitates real life?


cicada wrote

this is a very specific critique


ChaosAnarchy wrote

dunno man seems like someone doesn't like free association