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marx wrote (edited )

It's a seemingly good service. It's just a shame that it's run by a reactionary. (The footer links to imgoat, favorite image hosting service of right-wing trash dump Voat, TempleOS, /pol/'s favorite meme operating system, and used to complain about "alt-left" censorship although it seems that's been removed.)

Edit: Here's an archived page showing the older, more reactionary footer:

From the archived page:

Friends - People/videos put into youtube's new quarantine mode for videos that don't break ToS but that are disliked by the alt-left. Not yet very extensive but he's working on it. - Ez pz to remember replacement for imgur, an alt-left company that censors images it disagrees with politically.

Apparently the "alt-left" (whatever that means) controls the Internet and leftists never get censored. I wonder why we're all here then?

Meanwhile it also seemingly used to be a porn site:*/*

You can even see links advertising videos of 11 year old girls, 15 year old girls, etc. (Of course I'm sure it was just fake keyword spam like on most porn sites.) Hopefully that has nothing to do with the current owner.

It should also be noted that concerns have floated around various circles that Hooktube is a "data mining" operation, but there's no way to say how true that is.