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nulloperation wrote (edited )

It's terrible use vim /s

this but without the "/s", and then using pandoc (and hence, LaTeX) for pdf (or msword or whatevs) export of your markdown text file, because OP was talking about there being lots of images. or, you use weasyprint if you don't like pandoc. or apple's webkit even. then, when you find a good one, assign a good keybinding for it in vim, to make the pdf and open it in a pdf viewer (mupdf is very lightweight).


annikastheory wrote (edited )

That's more or less what I do. Except I use a filetype plugin to set the makeprg to pandoc and then I just do :make. Though in reality I basically never do that because I don't usually need pictures as much as I think I do.

Edit: also are you arguing against yourself about vim being better than emacs?


nulloperation wrote

Edit: also are you arguing against yourself about vim being better than emacs?

Well, OP was asking about good text editors, and I wanted to be impartial. But it's also more complicated than vi(m) vs emacs, e.g. when considering evil (a decent implementation of vi(m) in emacs).

I think it comes down to whether you prefer using one monolithic program where you have all your files open (which is arguably the emacs way), or several instances of do one thing and do it well-style programs (which I think vim is more suited for).

Take email: In emacs, you'd open the email client inside emacs; whereas with vim, you'd have mutt spawn a vim for composing or replying to messages.

I really want to like emacs as I'd take any lisp any day over vimscript, python or lua. Emacs clearly has better at syntax highlighting, especially stuff like JS inside HTML, and Org Mode is killer feature, both for code folding, but also for running code snippets in any language. Emacs is objectively better written software, but those utterly indescribably horrifyingly messed up keybindings are so deeply embedded in emacs that it's beyond repair.

When I lost my emacs config file, I switched back to vim again, yet I'm still looking for decent alternatives to Org Mode and to ediprolog.