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CivilizationsEnd wrote

Global industrial civilization has about 15-20 years before energy importing countries begin to de-industrialize due to a permanent energy crisis. I’d suggest looking into a project like this:

If you are a hardware person, I’d also strongly consider exploring how to build an integrated circuit without a billion dollar clean room


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

LOL @ CollapseOS... That's like my joke fantasy coming true, about some l33t hackers trying to take down the Megamachine, while in the meantime some lazy unskilled anti-tech person just pulls some important plug somewhere and achieves even better results with an old tactic.

Kinda like that old lady in Georgia who took down the entire internets in this country, saving hackers weeks/months of labor, just by cutting off an underground cable she thought was a tree root.


aaaaarg wrote

Isn't this the opposite? l33t hackers trying to rebuild/keep alive tech after the collapse.


AnarchoDoom wrote

Aaaaaaaaaaah! Ok I did read it the other way around. So yeah, this might prove useful, but on the other hand, for what purpose... Why not just abandon mass-scale tech grids instead of putting them under a new, "better" management?


cyberrose wrote

Still don't get why z80... Where the fuck should I get a z80 after the collapse? :D