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CameronNemo wrote

I only sort of skimmed this, but did they really not mention the manufacturing of solar panels and how many rare earth metals they require?


tabby wrote (edited )

They covered it briefly, sort of:

The production and installation of solar technology, like other renewables, involves additional emissions and other forms of environmental impact, such as the pollution and deforestation caused by mining the required minerals.

It's not just rare earth metals, either, but all the other materials involved and the extraction and production processes involved for each one of those and all the energy that's required.


masque wrote

Don't many solar energy proponents expect a lot of the required surface area to eventually come from otherwise-not-currently-utilized surface area on roofs etc., rather than dedicated installations that require substantial land use?


86944 wrote

Rooftop solar rapidly falls off in any housing denser than single family. It can reduce the need for dedicated installations but not eliminate it.


whipskid wrote

Solar rooadwayys dudde let's build a bunch of fucking e-roads it'll save the economy.