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josefStallman wrote (edited )

Using a VPN is more secure than browsing without one because it hides your personal information behind a proxy server. However, this does nothing to stop the proxy server from harvesting your information. Hosting a large-scale VPN requires quite a bit of money, so if you're not paying for it, chances are that VPN is making it's money from selling your data.

Proprietary Software is software that does not respect it's users freedom, privacy, and community. Firefox is not proprietary software because it is licensed under the Mozilla Public Licence, which allows for study, modification, and distribution of the program, making it Free (as in freedom) software. You can learn more about that here and on /f/freeasinfreedom.

(Also web of trust is, ironically, not trustworthy. Check out the wikipedia page. It's full of privacy violations and lawsuits).


WTB_Nukes_130e wrote

Thanks for spelling it out for me. ^^ I like Firefox but I don't know why it crashes for me. I could try it again, maybe they fixed it in an update.


josefStallman wrote

What OS are you running?


WTB_Nukes_130e wrote

Windows 7


emma wrote (edited )



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NEOalquimista wrote

Not only Firefox, I've been having problems with Gimp and Inkscape on Windows at work. I wouldn't be surprised if this was due to companies like Microsoft sabotaging free software when running under their OS. I really hate my workplace computer, can't change it.


josefStallman wrote

Yeah I can't help you there mate I have no idea how to troubleshoot windows without powershell.


Naokotani wrote

I have used firefox on windows, and linux including different flavours of ubuntu and arch linux and, while I have had it crash, it is rare at best.