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WTB_Nukes_130e OP wrote

Cool ^^ nice to hear about so many alternatives. Originally I only knew of Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Opera and Firefox kept crashing for me, but now I know of a lot more. I'll try this Tor one out.


NEOalquimista wrote

You have to understand that Tor is unlike any other browser, and it will only provide anonymity as long as you understand the warnings posted here. It is slower than a VPN, although it eliminates the common problem of trust. Tor has no authority in control. Tor is decentralized. VPNs have a central server that can be accessible by VPN providers and handed out to government entities because the data is directly associated to you.

But again, Tor is slower than VPNs because it transfers your data through 3 different computers before actually arriving at the destination, and also because it doesn't have that many relays (that is, "servers" worldwide). I use it at home, but since you have little experience with the world of free software, I suggest you use Firefox, preferably in a Linux distro that's easy and friendly to beginners.