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WTB_Nukes_130e OP wrote

I do a lot of streaming and gaming, isn't Linux bad for that?


NEOalquimista wrote

I had to change my gaming after I moved to GNU/Linux. You should definitely try Wine first, but in any case the best long-term solution is to adapt to what is native to the system. The problem is that all your life you have been paying for the big famous games to grow, and so they did. They don't care about anything other than Windows and Apple computers and won't release the best games for GNU/Linux.

The best thing to do is help the small free software games to grow by playing and streaming them. It attracts more people, which equals more development and more games being released for GNU/Linux. It won't happen overnight. Remember that open source software is developed in people's free time. Most developers of components that make GNU/Linux what it is are not paid for it. I really recommend that you read more about the open source/free software realm, because you grew some misconceptions there.


6cd6beb wrote

tl;dr yes. I love linux ( although I have my gripes about this bozo ) but very few companies are interested in developing games on linux because of it's relatively small userbase. Kind of a catch 22.

wipe it and install linux.

That's a trash answer that gave your problem zero consideration.

I tried Firefox and it crashed in like 20 minutes.

That's pretty curious, bet you can't reproduce that issue reliably, or even more than once. If you can, people will look into it.


elyersio wrote (edited )

Probably not.

If you use something like Unity or Silverlight for streaming, you may be out of luck since Pipelight was discontinued. But otherwise, you should be fine, even if you have to run nonfree Javascript.

Most games and other programs that weren't built for Linux will run under Wine.

Also, there's tons of free games you can stream!