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AntiTech OP wrote

A couple years ago I asked:

Most of the anti-tech anarchist stuff I've found is only really anti-tech if the tech is capitalist. Do you know any texts that have a problem with all technology?

This is a typically middle-of-the-road post left crimethinc article rejecting technology that may be a useful resource for some of you.


d4rk wrote (edited )

Honestly, if tech was capitalist then there is really no fight is there. Capitalism will win whether we like it or not if that were true.

Luckily, It doesn't have a trace of Nick Land, so that's a relief but there is in the last arguments of Development being inherently oppressive,

  1. Manufacture no new computers, but use existing resources to maintain current machines.

  2. Develop new, non-polluting, non-alienated methods of manufacturing computers (unlikely, but remotely possible – however, the process of researching new methods of manufacture would generate its own pollutants, division of labor, etc.). And computers are not the only (or worst) example of destructive production. Cars are far worse, for example, and a similar analysis of automobile manufacturing could easily become a lengthy book.

which gives it a solid "based" in my book.