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smart_jackal OP wrote (edited )

Bc there is no evidence of it happening in the US.

That's true but the evidence argument would've worked more effectively if there were a mechanism to verify counted votes. For instance, if I went to a federal website and enter my credentials (SSN or whatever) and it showed me if I voted for Dems, etc., it could be thus verified. If a large number of people saw the opposite (they voted for X but the system showed Y), they'd raise their voices and thus the system would be alerted of a possible fraud. Isn't such a system of vote verification needed that could be understood by common plebeians?


masque wrote (edited )

This would compromise anonymity of the vote, which is a severe threat to democracy because now people could conceivably be coerced into voting a particular way (or people could buy/sell votes, etc.).

If it's possible for you to check how your vote was counted, it's possible for your boss, an abusive family member, a cop, a mobster, etc. to tell you to vote a specific way and then demand that you prove to them that you complied after the fact. This also why a lot of places make it illegal to take a picture of your ballot.