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thekraken wrote (edited )

Well, some Hacktivists managed to gain Admin access and just dumped all of Parler, the data from which can be found here or also here. This data includes real ID (because you had to submit ID to Parler to be a 'verified citizen'), as well as all supposedly 'deleted' posts (hint: they didn't actually delete anything, just flagged it as unavailable).


pleina OP wrote

Wow, this is cool! I would like to see more of these. Especially when technology is more and more everpresent, we need cyber-warriors.


Kinshavo wrote

I think we have some around, but they are lowkey to say at least. And I may be wrong but the bulk of the strong community of the 00' grew old and shifted for a less disruptive activism, Linux, anticopyright and so on