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This thread brought the issue to my attention and it could have a lot of bad effects. I hadn't even heard of it before about 5 minutes ago.

As pointed out in the twitter thread, some of the following could be lost if scraping becomes criminalized:

  • research projects that monitor big tech
  • studies on how disinformation spreads
  • being able to find archived versions of lost websites/older versions, like the internet archive provides
  • consumer protection through price trackers
  • Algorithmic monitoring of racist, sexist software
  • Election campaigning data and election analysis
  • basic stuff like scraping headlines
  • COVID dashboards
  • White hat hackers who help tech platforms find vulnerabilities in their stack

...and so on.



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bloodrose wrote

I mean, this thread just made me realize how much of "me" is online and it felt creepy. It made me want to get offline and read a book instead...


Vulgar_Soda wrote

Good luck with that lol I said the same thing the other day and here I am, online again. Books are fun but they don't talk back.


lastfutures wrote

There was a fun project a while back that scraped linkedin to create a database of people who work for NSA & other government surveillance agencies.


masque wrote

Why couldn't we have the hiQ case as the first scraping-relevant supreme court case? Why must we be stuck with this unsympathetic cop-doing-bad-cop-things defendent?