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zombie_berkman wrote

Ublock is pretty good I use it on all my machines


RaddleIsAaaawesooome OP wrote

Me too! Especially on my Android phone with Firefox where it helps A LOT with the battery life.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

That's a good tip. I'm going to install it now. Ads suck, in every way.


NEOalquimista wrote

I absolutely hate advertising, especially those in Youtube. Can you believe they have an ad that shows up in the middle of the video saying "Youtube" surrounded by a white screen and an angelical sound? What for? I'm already in Youtube, why is it advertising Youtube? WTF. Abuse of ads, that is.


RaddleIsAaaawesooome OP wrote

What's more now we have dozens of in browser cryptocurrency miners that spike your CPU usage and abuse your resources. Capitalism made them greedy AF.


boringskip wrote

Don't forget the anti-adblock blocker in the optional lists


Spasticus wrote

UBlock Origin prevents about 14% of all requests (requests for ads, essentially) coming from my desktop browser. Without it, 14% of my bandwidth usage would be me paying for advertisements.


rutabaga wrote

It's probably even more than 14% of your bandwidth honestly. Those requests that it is blocking are generally some of the largest and least optimized parts of the page.


shiki87 wrote

uBlock Origin is great, but I prefer AdNauseam. That add-on click the ads.

And if you want to use an adblocker for maybe your TV, then you should look into te pi-hole project. There you can block the ads for you television and other devices, where you can't use an adblocker.


DataPacRat wrote

Relying on one single addon to protect your browser is risky; sometimes one will get taken over by a spammer, or one will sell whitelist access to advertisers.

A combination of overlapping addons may be more useful; for example, Adblock Plus, AdNauseum, BetterPrivacy, CanvasBlocker, Decentraleyes, Flashblock, Ghostery, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, Privacy Badger, Random Agent Spoofer, RequestPolicy, Self-Destructing Cookies, TrackMeNot, uBlock Origin, and uMatrix.

If the new Firefox doesn't let you install as many addons as you need for privacy and security, you may want to switch to a Firefox spinoff like Waterfox.


quandyalaterreux wrote

Many of those are redundant. uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript and Decentraleyes are vastly sufficient. You can get anti-fingerpriting protection such as canvas blocking by enabling privacy.rresistFingerprinting (in Nightly).


DataPacRat wrote (edited )

Redundancy is precisely the point.

As just one perspective, spammers and scammers keep coming up with new tricks, and any one plugin is unlikely to block each new trick for a while. But multiple, redundant plugins mean that as soon as /any/ of them blocks the new trick, it's blocked.

If you don't like redundant security, then feel free not to use it. But if you aren't using it simply because you haven't heard of it, then feel free to give it a try.