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salmon_red OP wrote

I saw this list can we still consider it accurate and aren't there other methods besides the dots?


error wrote (edited )

Theres several depending on the manufacturer and the perceived threat.

The only way to avoiding having microdots printed on your documents is to either print in black and white or to use a printer that's not known to use this technology

The printed yellow dots could be a hedge against counterfeiting - if the purported date of the document does not match up to the data confirmed by the dots, then you know it's a fake. But these dots can also be used to identify the printer a whistleblower uses, as happened with Reality Winner.

Fair warning there are A LOT of methods to this tech as companies routinely make deals with eachother to combat corporate espionage so this frequently changes from year to year.


salmon_red OP wrote

Do they identify any info about the computer printed from? if its just the printer it seems I could be good with getting a used printer and swapping it out every so often if ever needed


error wrote

To my knowledge it only identifies the serial number of the printer but I am not sure if this is related to a particular manufacturers tracking dots or if others document more or less data. For instance I can see the dots keeping track of a devices Mac Address in certain situations but there is not enough documentation to give a clear answer on this.