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FuckCopyright wrote (edited )

Remind me how and why this Chromium-based web browser even got popular in the first place? I haven't heard about it until like the second half of the 2010s, and until then it was pretty much only about Chrome and Firefox.

Edit: I think capitalism and tech illiteracy are to blame but I could be wrong - some people will let some ads through because of capitalism. I can excuse tech illiteracy to an extent though because computers are still something only the privileged can even use and get a hold of.


humblelion OP wrote

I think they became popular because of built-in adblocking especially on mobile platform.


FuckCopyright wrote

They could have used Firefox but I guess then again Firefox's adblocking may be subpar (since browser extensions are not typically optimized for mobile use).

Otherwise Blokada exists (at least now it does), but that requires downloading an APK from outside the Google Play Store. Using Blokada on my Android and uBlock Origin on my browsers means I don't get ads from Twitch (which takes quite a bit of work on desktop), YouTube, Reddit and other sites that do not deserve them.


bnm145 wrote


I stick with Firefox or Chromium (with lots of addons for privacy and ad blocking)