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masque wrote (edited )

Classic Betteridge's Law of Headlines.

I've read some papers on ML for code creation & talked to people working in related areas, and it turns out that, surprise surprise, actually generating functional, nontrivial code is not easy for modern ML.

Also, this article keeps using "code" as a countable noun, which is weird.


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

It's probably impossible to have an ai writing code autonomously until an AGI is made.

I'm a bit disappointed in how underwhelming code completion is at the present though. I want more automatic snippets, something similar to T9 on phones could be cool on top of regular auto completion


typenil wrote

The most impressive example of code generation I've seen:

I don't see full replacement happening. Just augmentation. Better and better autocomplete and more productivity as programmers leave some of the simpler implementation to the IDE.


juxter wrote

I don't think programmers will be obsolete because of AI. The hardest thing is to convert customer needs to a working program. That requires constant communication with a customer. Many abstract things are also involved, such as user experience and look and feel.

I'm looking forward for better tools for programming because of AI.


keez wrote

Isnt this just P = NP?


masque wrote

Not unless you reeeeaaaallllly stretch.


keez wrote

Oh okay, I didnt read the article tbh