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avbeav wrote

[S]creen real estate in general isn't much of a problem anymore. If this had been done in the days of 640x480 VGA, it could maybe have been a viable argument.

I strongly dislike that attitude. That's the kind of reasoning that lets web designers add fixed headers taking up ⅓ of the document area. Please allow me to work in peace and quiet on without title bars, tool bars, tab bars, scroll bars and candy bars.

Luckily browser extensions and tiling window managers can alleviate the problem.

he Gnome designers, however, have decided that such menus are apparently a bad feature and they should probably never have been used in the first place. [...] In Gnome-MPV, the hamburger menu looks like this: <image> No Open or Close here, you silly user! What did you expect? Some kind of coherent thought? If you want to open a file, just click the little icon to the left featuring a plus sign.

I'm not sure I think it's fair picking on such a new project, in particular a rather out-of-date version of a new project, when the issue in question has been fixed long ago. If the author wants to rant about the "Gnome designers", he could at least have reviewed Gnome Videos which is actually a Gnome core app.


kore wrote

im so far removed from modern graphical toolkits aside from web browsers that i cant even identify with this lol. my windows havent had title bars for years