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celebratedrecluse wrote

So, this should be good news, however as always things are more complicated than they need to be. The resolution does not state what the new standard will be, it only authorizes regulators to pick one. If its usb-c, that means all usb mini & usb micro device users will not benefit from this change, and may find it more difficult to obtain cables. If it's another new format, cue huge amounts of waste as people switch over. And theoretically, EU could require everyone to use apple's or another company's proprietary cable, which would be a huge corporate giveaway financed by consumers and the environment.

Ideally, usb-c is the least harmful choice, but it will still facilitate the plsnned obsolescence of several generations' charging cables. And undoubtedly usb-c will eventually be phased out by the same wasteful crony capitalism.


Bezotcovschina wrote

I think it's great, personally.


black_fox OP wrote

i could see Apple fighting it, they love their proprietary nonsense. but yeah having the same chargers for everyone seems good


masque wrote

In my experience, I consistently wear out or lose charging cables much more quickly than I go through phones, so I don't see how this makes sense as a solution to e-waste. Then again, I've been using the same phone for 5 years, and the one before that lasted 4 years and would have survived longer if I hadn't dropped in the sink, so maybe I'm just an outlier.