Lemmy tell you the truth

Submitted by Tankie_McTank in TankiesGonnaTank

Lemmy all tell you that every western news are CIA propaganda except the ML ones, I know they tell the truth because they are ML just like me. All news from the Motherland, DPRK and China are absolute truth. When they talk about themselves, contrary to western media that have an imperialist agenda, they don't try to hide the truth to look good.

-- Tankie McTank (fighting imperialism one paragraph at a time)



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lougaifan wrote

Which is also funny because Russia is a right-wing fascistic oligarchy (sorry for being redundant) and not in the tankie meanings.


vendemiaire wrote

It's pretty hilarious how not they still defend Russia, which openly and messily de-sovietified and is a completely capitalist nation. they literally don't give a single fuck about policy or ideology, it's all about being contrarians to anything America does, whatever the cost.


Tankie_McTank OP wrote

Good evening comrades!

I would like to remind all of you anarchosectarians that the state is simply a mean to an end and not a end in itself. It is TEMPORARY, The Motherland and China had communists in power for only about a hundred years and I know in the future the state will disappear and we will live in full communism.

For now let's stop criticizing authoritarianism, it's hurting us, just wait the suffering out, it's going to be worth it, don't lose hope!

You can criticize american imperialism instead, they are totally different from us because they don't want to free the people like we do.

-- Tankie McTank (the people's tank)


Bob_Avakian wrote

Finally someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!!!!