The admin is banning anyone that mentions Stalin or Xi or Putin's homophobia

Submitted by chaos in TankiesGonnaTank (edited )

a few seconds ago dessalines Removed Post Anarchist graffiti in Hong Kong!

a minute ago dessalines Removed Post China Bans Gay Content Online reason: literally no sources.

2 minutes ago dessalines Removed Post Why Is Russia So Homophobic? reason: stop posting Atlantic articles, do better

3 minutes ago dessalines Removed Post Why is the admin banning people for opposing homophobia? reason: No evidence whatsoever

3 minutes ago dessalines Removed Post Gay in the gulag

5 minutes ago dessalines Banned burtzev reason: anti communism, spreading cia propo, sectarian bullshit



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Bezotcovschina wrote (edited )

I have no idea, why western communists are jerking Putin off so much. Really, I perceive it like some kind of a joke. Putin disregards all of the "communist" past except bureaucratism and imperialism.

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