The admin is banning anyone that mentions Stalin or Xi or Putin's homophobia

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a few seconds ago dessalines Removed Post Anarchist graffiti in Hong Kong!

a minute ago dessalines Removed Post China Bans Gay Content Online reason: literally no sources.

2 minutes ago dessalines Removed Post Why Is Russia So Homophobic? reason: stop posting Atlantic articles, do better

3 minutes ago dessalines Removed Post Why is the admin banning people for opposing homophobia? reason: No evidence whatsoever

3 minutes ago dessalines Removed Post Gay in the gulag

5 minutes ago dessalines Banned burtzev reason: anti communism, spreading cia propo, sectarian bullshit


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F_x wrote

Comment by fidel_castro:

Yeah Stalin personally put every homosexual into gulags. The rest of the country had nothing to do with it. It is really reductionist to look at this as a single person being evil, and not as the effect of a backwards attitude in the entire society (which was still feudalist a few decades ago).

Don't blame the man in charge but blame the rest of the country, so only Stalin was good but he had no power or he's also part of "the rest of the country" so all were homophobic? I'm kind of confused by their argument, at least they aren't denying it.

Besides, gulag is a very scary word, but they were just prisons like every single country at the time had (and mortality rates were very low outside of war time).

Prison like everywhere else so it's all cool. That also included lack of food and slavery.

Is this the "communist" breitbart?


ziq wrote

Is this the "communist" breitbart?

More like "communist" Stormfront.


Chylan wrote (edited )

I have no idea, why western communists are jerking Putin off so much. Really, I perceive it like some kind of a joke. Putin disregards all of the "communist" past except bureaucratism and imperialism.

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