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ziq OP wrote

If you're going to oppose imperialism, you can't pick and choose when imo. Imperialism has successfully converted anti-Trumpism to pro-imperialist sentiment against Russia and has turned Putin into a demonic presence on the world stage that's basically undermining everything good everywhere. This has become a new McCarthyism - it really is that paranoid in its social dynamics, and any anti-imperialist message you care to put forth will be blamed on Russia and Putin and dismissed because US imperialism wants it that way. You're not going to fight that? Even when it's used as pretty much the keystone to the current imperialist world-view? It's also used against the history of the USSR and for demonization of communism. You really can't pick your battles if you're an anti-imperialist like this. Russia has a lot of issues but they also saved Syria from an imperialist onslaught and are working with China to promote international financial systems independent of imperialism, which is the only reasonable way one can come about and defang the US's current ability to unilaterally sanction countries that don't bow down to imperialism.

There are a lot of problems in Russia, of course, but that's not your personal concern as an anti-imperialist - you are... anti... imperialist - against imperialism, and so you should be against imperialism's attacks on Russia and all the absurd propaganda that involves.