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ziq OP wrote (edited )

Anarchists Praise the Mensheviks and SRs as "Actual Socialist Revolutionaries" to Own the Tanks

Because fighting the actual revolution doesn't make you a revolutionary somehow... But strolling in after the fact, massacring the revolutionaries and then declaring yourself dictator of the people does.

Anarkiddies conveniently ignoring the fact that every "socialist" party except the Bolsheviks sooner or later took up arms against Soviet power and fought for the restoration of the bourgeois-parliamentary republic.

Because us anarkiddies LOVE political parties and Leninism is totally NOT a neo-bourgeois state with even more police and prisons.

These people never do speak about the White Terror and somehow think this is supposed to make everyone feel bad.

Lmao. Literally "the red terror was good because the white terror was bad".

Wait until this kid finds out Marx studied law and that Engels had a bourgeois background.

Oh noes now I'll have to stop giving a fuck about Marx and Engels..! Oh wait, too late.

Lenin too OP pls nerf. Damn fools thought the Tsar could beat the mighty proles, Lenin did it eyes closed and smashed the peasants.

uh... I can't decipher this at all. But Lenin smashed the peasants, yes. Congrats?

it's nutty how Marx and Engels predicted basically every aspect of the ensuing 150 years. They missed climate change I guess, but that's about it

Yeah no big deal how their industrial ideology was immediately corrupted into collectivist-capitalism and caused the apocalypse.

Ah, nothing like mixing in Lenin, an actual Marxist and vehement anti-opportunist, with Stalin and the post-Stalinist opportunists.

"Lenin was good because Stalin was slightly worse. Also Marxism means red terror, dictatorship and secret police."

I can't believe what a hard time these people have thinking outside of their narrow little box.


martasultan wrote

Wait until this kid finds out Marx studied law and that Engels had a bourgeois background.

Is this meant to... combat anarchists? The ones who usually refer to Kropotkin rather than Marx if communist?


arduinna wrote

someone tell them about kropotkin

I remember discussions on multiple subs specifically about how Kropotkin was a shitty Bolshevik collaborationist without any praxis behind his words.