Tankie paper on 'Degenerate Culture': 'The Gay Movement'

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From: https://www.marxists.org/history/erol/ncm-8/degenerate.htm


The gay movement has grown in the last decade, taking a lot of motion from the open decadent atmosphere of hedonism in the U.S. which says that “nothing is wrong if it feels good”. Communists promote working class friendship, including solidarity between men and men, women and women, but bourgeois ideology alienates class brothers and sisters away from each other. Homosexuality is a form of hedonism, for it follows the “principle” of fulfilling sexual needs. The bourgeoisie uses the gay issue to divert the working class struggle from its true course. They promote the gays as another example of bourgeois freedom, trying to further our illusions about bourgeois democracy. The trend today is to legalize, to justify gayness.

While we Communists oppose attacks on anyone by the bourgeoisie, including homosexuals, we do not uphold homosexuality as a democratic right. Homosexuality is a form of social sickness, a form of social perversion. It is a form of bourgeois ideology which appeals especially to the petty bourgeoisie because of its appearance as sexual freedom. Homosexuality arose from class oppression and the oppression of women, “...degradation of the women was avenged on the men and degraded them also, till they fell into the abominable practice of sodomy and degraded alike their gods and themselves with the myth of Ganymede.” (“Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State”, Engels, Selected Works, Vol.3, 1884).



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