More irony than you can stomach - "anarchists aren't radical because we keep slaughtering them, and then the fascists win"

Submitted by ziq in TankiesGonnaTank (edited )


Anarchists aren't leftist let alone radical. They either directly or indirectly work to serve the bourgeois. All of their revolutions fail, then fail to even do remotely socialist things, then after they fully collaspe the country reverts back to full on capitalism and in some cases (catalonia) straight fascism. They do nothing but hold back real revolutions, mostly Western modern anarchists who think breaking a window or torching some prole's car is "praxis" while there are comrades in the jungle's of india or the Philippines fighting people's war actively making real change.



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zombie_berkman wrote (edited )

Look up his posts on SRA. Hes a dipshit rightwing troll. Fun fact he has his "grandfathers" "fully automatic" ak47 he brought back from Vietnam. He also trains his millitia in west Virginia. People like him are at the top of the wall list come post revolution