Stalin's Moslem / PoC victims

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You will often hear Stalinists attempt to deflect criticism of their idol by asserting that Stalin is a hero to "millions of people of color" or something like that (which is an absurd statement - few people outside the country of Georgia and a few corners of FB care about Stalin). So here's a list of just some of the Muslim peoples and peoples of color to whom Stalin is NOT a hero. Joseph Stalin was the Andrew Jackson of Russia.



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BlackFlagged OP wrote

Crimean Tatars: Deported- 191,014 Died- 34,300

Kalmyks: Deported- 93,139 Died- 12,600

Balkars: Deported- 40,900 Died- 7,600

Karachays: Deported- 69,267 Died- 13,100

Meskhetian Turks: Deported- 115,000 Died- 12,859

Koreans: Deported- 172,000 Died- 40,000

Chechens & Ingushs Deported- 478,479 Died- 145,800