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db0 wrote (edited )

The opposite. has tankies but it has way more libs, and tankies are controlling themselves in their interactions to avoid leading to being widespead blocked like lemmygrad and hexbear. lemmygrad is run by the same people as If this wasn't the case, they wouldn't need to run 2 different instances. They understand perfectly the need to behave to find wide-spread acceptance.

A lot of communities have in fact moved to other instances as the primary, so that tankie admins don't have influence on the discussions.

The most extreme tankies are already defederated almost everywhere already.


ziq wrote

Tankies in left-unity mode are far more dangerous than tankies in FULLCOMMUNISM mode.


db0 wrote (edited )

Have you found the anti-left-unity meme I posted which sent the hexbears in an apoplectic fit for a whole day?


ziq wrote

no, I don't go on lemmy unless someone links me something there. i'll look and repost it if it's good