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db0 wrote

The software is open source. Servers running it aren't controlled by tankies, anymore than every WordPress site is controlled by liberals.


ziq wrote

Wordpress isn't a political project. Its admins don't use it to spread genocide apologia.


[deleted] wrote


db0 wrote

lemmy as a software isn't a political project either. Or if it is a political project because its devs are MLs, then Wordpress is a political project because its devs are liberals


mima wrote

Was Wordpress created because the dev was pissed off by the existence of a blogging software created by anarchists and libertarian socialists, and wanted people to turn away from that with some JS-bloated as fuck, security-unaware software of their own? No? Then shut the fuck up with that shit-ass analogy.


db0 wrote

Fuck you, I won't do what you told me!