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This was enlightening to say the least. Too Black introduces a novel explanatory formulation of how capital has evolved various incarnations of the state and modes of social (re)production, drawing a comparative analysis of contemporary inclusivity politics to the emergence of post-bellum carrot and stick tactics of maintaining order and sustaining ever-wider forms of exploitation. His analysis covers how bribery (the "carrot") 'sells' black capital and how the state "softens" policing while simultaneously expanding its scope of neoslavery within and without prisons and adjacent institutions. Learning from struggle, the state adapts its counterrevolutionary forms of violence whilst in the same vein, capital for insurance of its continued existence sells 'change', 'freedom', 'self-determination', 'decolonization' in the terms and conditions of its own logic, effecting a program of state-subsidized superexploitation we now know as the nonprofit industrial complex. Current developments of the neoliberal carceral state are tied by Too Black to colonial failures like the Haitian revolution, drawing the conclusion that this epoch necessitated a shift to learn how to launder black rage, or to exploit smarter not harder.



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