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train wrote

They get it in their heads that they must uncritically support all nation states that oppose the US. It's a lot of willful ignorance and self delusion much like many other online subcultures. Luckily though I have never met such a person IRL.


zoom_zip wrote

don’t try and understand it. it can’t be understood. just back away slowly and close the door.


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

What is the deal with tankies who like north korea?

They're tankies.

Like china makes some sense but north korea makes no sense.

I've only known about these people for 3 years and I've basically got their entire thought process condensed to a T. Doesn't hurt that they don't shut up about how they view the world.

How the fuck can someone look at north korea and go "what a great government trying to do communism and help workers"?

"Wherever you got the idea that North Korea was bad is always imperialist/Western/CIA propaganda. Which has no degree of truth at all" < That.

That's how they do that. How have you not caught on to that?

How many people who praise north korea from the left is surprising.

Leftist weirdos are the only ones that would. The right wing weirdos are too busy praising their own countries or long dead ones.


masque wrote

I think it's entirely a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing.


ecov2 wrote

We should stand with the DPRK against American imperialism, and support it as a socialist state. Just because something doesn’t fit your exact view of how a socialist state should operate, doesn’t mean we should spread around CIA propaganda and lies.