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Liberalism is not tolerated on the Marxist-Leninist subreddit of /r/GenZanarchist.

Getting a nice headstart on the doublespeak:

There was no coup, we just took over the sub and banished all the anarchists

The new redfash mods are all from btw.

"Anarkiddies are now banned. Long live Deng."

The AMA we did is here.



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Ryebread wrote

Like ok, they're tankies, but why are they so fixated on calling their totalitarian state capitalism anarchism?


ziq OP wrote (edited )

The old mods were demodded so they started a new sub:

I tried to warn them this would happen but they didn't think there was any reason having a tankie top mod would backfire.


masque wrote

"This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit."

Which makes no sense, because the previous subreddit was not banned or quarantined.


bloodrose wrote

I love how reddit is pro-"free-speech" when it "furthers the conversation" in regards to misogyny, racism, fascism and other such bullshit but when "furthering the conversation" is calling out the baddies, all of a sudden, free speech doesn't apply. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a "free speech for everyone" person like they claim to be, I just like calling out what hypocritical asses they are because it makes me feel superior.


CaptainACAB wrote

I mean, it's the closest that they'll ever get to enacting their political agenda in any way. Tanks want to be like their precious strong-men but have no means to actually gain power because their ideology is so wildly unpopular within the regions that they live in so they have to resort to petty little power grabs within the 1's and 0's space in order to fill their hollow lives with a victory that they don't just co-opt from dead revolutionaries.


ziq OP wrote

so apparently if a new sub quickly fills up with users that are flagged as suspicious (like anarchists), it gets auto-banned. Reddit must be tagging all the leftists on their site so they can monitor their activity.


Ryebread wrote

Beyond the fact that their ideology has more holes than a hunk of swiss cheese, what I don't understand is why they even try to appropriate the term anarchist (albeit this is somewhat of an edge case), after all they had /r/GenZedong already.


_caspar_ wrote (edited )

the anarkiddie slur says alot about the perspective of those dishing it out: denouncing childhood as the undesirable stage that must grow up and conform to adulthood. or in other words: obey the social order.

instead of rejecting their childlike label, what if its embraced as an endearing term that rejects the bland musts and shoulds of adulthood? similar to Nietzsche's third stage of the child: towards a life of creative unlearning and play.


RanDomino wrote (edited )

Anyone who believes in left unity is either an authoritarian or an idiot.

My favorite part of that AMA is when they're provided evidence that Stalin ordered mass rape of German women and they just ignore it.


Ganggang wrote

I’ve complained about grace for a long time people are fucking stupid. Whatever the sub was vaush tier trash anyways and they can’t say I never warned them


masque wrote (edited )

The most plausible theory I've seen so far is that the system is specifically looking for subs made up primarily of former subscribers of a banned sub. So if the majority of genzanarchist subscribers were also chapotraphouse subscribers, the system would notice this and assume that the new sub was intended as a replacement for chapotraphouse.


Ennui wrote

Circle-jerking intensifies.


ComradeValkyrie wrote

Tankies taking over and purging anarchists. Name a more iconic duo.