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GrimWillow wrote

Hmm, I haven't actually watched that much television, so maybe I'm not the best to ask for finding new or interesting series. I've seen some shows, but I can't stand live stuff mostly and just end up sticking to animated artwork. I'm fairly biased to this form as I have been interested in animation and illustration. That's not to say that I hate all live drama, especially since animation takes up a ton of space in live action television drama, just that seeing some so-called "barbarian" living in a dirty hovel looking like a pristinely manicured bougie with a row of "perfect" white teeth smothered in makeup breakes the believability of the film for me. Hand drawn artwork speaks to me with something more symbolic than a reality watercolored by prolific capitalist industries' view of "real" humans. Buuut I think I'm rambling now.. I guess I'm suggesting "Adventure Time" studio Ghibli movies, I haven't seen "Steven Universe" but I hear good things.

If animation is not anyone's thing, maybe "Westworld"? I've seen most of the first season, excluding the last two episodes, or maybe some other popular show..."Black Mirror"?


Freux wrote

I would say that animation is also victim of society's problem, but I understand what you mean. Someone suggested movies, and it could work but once a movie is done there is a small discussion and then it's over while a series can be discuss per episode. But if someone want to start one with films that could be cool. I usually save a bunch of horror films for a week of halloween so I definitely will share what I will watch and if someone want to join along that could be fun. Or we could simply make a list of everyones suggestions or something.

For TV series I would be in for Black Mirror, i've only seen season 1, maybe a part of season 2 I can't remember.

Does the anime section include around the world animation or just japanese stuff? Animated films and tv series could be a better fit there. I would be willing to participate if it's something that interests me.