Thoughts on the new Titans trailer

Submitted by mofongo in TV_series

I seriously dislike Robin. If they wanted an angry, murder happy Robin, they should have gone with Damian. It would his character better than the original Robin.

Raven looks like wreck, I find her too emotive. Her character arc is learning to express her emotions freely. Seeing her so expresive would ruin that for me. They also made her look like the victim of demonic possession from horror movies. Not my cup of tea. Was only me or was she fighting instead of using darkness to attack?

How come beast boy only got a scene? He got the least revealing info from all four. They could have cut a bit from Robin and Raven to give him a line, but no a cgi gorilla is all we get.

Finally, Starfire. Was she shooting fire out her hands? I know fire is in her name but that's a stretch. She also looks like she was confused about her own powers. She always seem confident what she can do and using her powers, so seeing her like that does not give me a good impression on what the character will be like.

From what I gather, the series will be Robin and the Titans. Everyone needing Robin (despite his edgyness, he looks the most composed) to solve their individual issues and, apparently, in helping them with their powers.


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ziq wrote

Lol was that meant to be Dick? I figured it was Jason Todd with how he was edging it up.

I really don't get why the nerds are all pissed off about Starfire being black. She's not white in the comics, it makes no sense. I guess we've reached peak whiteness if they even throw tantrums when PoC play PoC. They must want a white girl in blackface or something.

And where the fuck is Cyborg? You can't have Titans without Cyborg.


mofongo wrote

Yep, Dick. They showed a scene of the circus tragedy.

I think they are going to pass Cyborg up because he's already in Justice League. Maybe they'll add Kid Flash as a nod to the comics.


supernice wrote

Exactly, where the heck is Cyborg!?!? On the Robin thing...these days it seems like there has to be some edgy character, no matter how unlike the actual comics it is. It sells. That whole "Fuck Batman" bit in the trailer was ridiculous.

I think I'd be more excited about it if they made it a comedy like Teen Titans Go to be honest. That would have been awesome. I'm still going to go see the movie though, I can't resist.