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selver wrote (edited )

I love "what the fuck am I watching" movies more than anything, but i think there's something very different about the shows that this writer is complaining about. I think the difference is that these shows are actually plot driven shows, and you are supposed to figure out what's going on, rather than get something else out of it. They are confusing for the sake of being pseudo-intelligent, rather than being confusing because the plot is simply not the point, like in absurdist/surrealist/art film. Lynch is closer to the good sort of "what the fuck am I watching", and does not deserve to be grouped in with Westworld and BSG.


Thanks wrote

Another one would be Cronenberg's Naked Lunch. Caught it, very unprepared, late at night in my teens. I've never been the same since. Always looking for that next fix of "what the fuck am I watching"


ziq wrote

Westworld and BSG I don't find confusing, but Legion is so confusing it annoys me.


selver wrote

Haven't seen Westworld.

It's been a long time since I watched it, but that last season or two of BSG was a little much.