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ziq wrote (edited )

But it's about a bunch of cops. I don't watch it because I'm offended by that. I saw the pilot and it was working very hard to show us that cops are just normal, lovable hardworking schmos.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Didn't know that it was about cops when I posted it, or I wouldn't have.


ziq wrote

Twitter exploded yesterday when Fox cancelled this show and there are endless articles bemoaning the cancellation. A ton of people really love these characters. Basically convinced an entire generation that cops are good, and with 5 seasons it'll play in reruns endlessly.


lamhchle wrote

You can dislike whatever. I think calling Brooklyn 99 propaganda for cops is like calling The Sopranos propaganda for gangsters. Police corruption & discrimination are common themes in the show, there's no way you can walk away from the show thinking that the police are a positive force on society. The protagonists of the show are on a liberal island.

They are the exception in the police system and frequently have that as a point of conflict. The show is definitely not something like Law & Order or NCIS where the police is portrayed as the corrective force of society.


GrimWillow wrote

I really like that it includes mentions about issues of transphobia in the world, as well as calling out racism, and punching the homophobic person is quite nice.

I'm often looking for radical comedy, or at least comedy like this...'s too bad I'll never watch this one because "cop drama" is an indigestible subject/setting for me. So close! ACAB.


selver wrote (edited )

Arguably the best mainstream comedy on TV by far. Really funny show, it sucks that they cancelled it.

Its not particularly pro-cop.