Master list of films with radical themes?

Submitted by selver in TV_series

Would people be interested in a wiki page for a list of movies & TV with radical themes? I've been finding more and more good ones lately that seem to be unknown when people ask for anarchist/anti-capitalist movies on reddit. I think it could be a good resource to have, for us but also to link people to the site.

Maybe have a tag for submissions that are suggesting a new addition to the list? I could figure out a way to then add them to the list if people don't want to add it themselves.


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Pop wrote

Sounds good, but there are thousands, so do we want to just list good ones?

Here are a couple databases of anarchist films:



I've seen another that is bigger but I couldn't find it immediately


selver wrote (edited )

Well yeah I was just going to go by user recommendations. They don't have to be explicitly anarchist.