Increased sexualization of children in Hollywood. Has anyone else noticed this?

Submitted by leftous in TV_series (edited )

With the revelations about the widespread misogyny, sexual assault, abuse of power, etc in Hollywood most of us have been wholly unsurprised. However, something I've found very curious is how the widespread pedophilia in Hollywood has been hushed, ignored, and overlooked in all these scandals. This is something many people have reported as having happened to them, seeing it, or excusing it, but it has never caught mainstream attention and powerful pedophiles have yet to be outed. No idea who they'd be, but theyre obviously out there.

I recently watched the movie IT and had to shut it off midway through since the sexualization of the young kids was obvious. I found it very sickening; and far more horrifying than anything else in this widely acclaimed "horror" film. There also seems to be movements on social media to sexualize child actors in general.

I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this disturbing trend, and if you think there could be a concerted effort to possibly normalize pedophilia. What are your thoughts about it and where else have you noticed it?


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PainlessEphemera wrote (edited )

I can’t testify when it comes to Hollywood movies, but growing up, as a watcher of crappy kid sitcoms, I can say there was a sexualization. Now, this obviously wasn’t noticeable as a kid, but seeing it now, years later, it’s pretty disturbing. There were a lot of dirty jokes, which isn’t unusual, but it’s disturbing coming from the child actors themselves. Just look at these examples.

Now maybe I’m reading too much into things. I honestly hope I am being too sensitive. But if not, it’s very damning.