New Feature: Spoiler Tags

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in TV_series (edited )

There are no rules around spoilers at the moment - but if you would like to use spoiler tags you can write e.g. [John kills Steve](#s) will look like John kills Steve.

Thanks to u/no_fun_allowed for setting it up and all the helpful humans who contributed to the post I made trying to get this to happen.

Comments and thoughts welcome. Can everybody read them fine?


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WindTalk wrote

On a desktop, I can only read it by highlighting (selecting) with my mouse. On a mobile browser, I'm not sure that would even work (I didn't try it).


ziq wrote (edited )

John kills Steve

I think whatever theme this forum used when spoilers worked was overwritten months ago with this one.

I think there's another more basic spoilers theme that works tho.

EDIT: I Added spoiler support to this theme and will slowly add it to all my themes.