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I've been saying this shit for years. People are way too busy during the winter months, we're so very much not in harmony with the rhythms of seasonal changes, of nature. Allow things to cool off, goddamnit.


kinshavo wrote


This is some trolling or this fucking human forget that planet Earth is a closed environment, they can't travel to Mars yet... Fucking settler mentality, just dump the trash outside my sight and we are good, right?


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

Yeah because it's totally cool to just pollute the shit out of the desert which are rich with animals living there.

And like plenty of people live in deserts even the Saharan desert.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

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Idk how liberating it would be honestly. Getting rid of modern conveniences hampers ones ability a lot. In immperializing Africa many people had to try and fight machine guns with bows and arrows. To say some areas were an absolute bloodbath is an understatement.

But for decrease in standard of living; yeah you adjust pretty easily to decreases. I think joy is far more about mind than material. The loss is quality of life depends what area you are talking about. With urbanization and less ability to do stuff, water based disease is rampant. So I doubt getting dysentery on a regular basis and water being potentially deadly for all elderly and children could ever be worth the benefits of a more primitive life. So it really depends.

Not that I think ur doing anything wrong but people literally kill to get crumbs of the American life for a reason. So it's a very mixed bag.


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adobe is the bomb. i miss building sustainable homes. took a class on green architecture a few years back and it went over a lot of indigenous methods of construction


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It's crazy to me that supposed anarchists are unable, or unwilling to critically look at the way they live. I'm not trying to argue with you, but I think what most people view as a loss in quality of life would in reality be more liberating than anything that is offered to us now. Your comment really struck a chord with me because I am constantly accused of fetishizing the way indigenous people live. It never occurred to me that that is most likely rooted in racism. I hate reddit, but I'm glad it has shown me the way to this community.


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i cant quite explain why but when i first discovered raddle i was kinda relieved(?) to find that one of the site admins (ziq) wasnt a westerner, i def agree with the sentiment a lot, raddle does feel very america-centric at times.


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I think I lurked a little before the three month mark. I have a healthy paranoid streak so habitually switch out reddit accounts probably did the same here for a couple months. Being out of work helped. Passed through reddit, where I gravitated to tinier and tinier niche subs trying to find least horrible ableism and such. I think probably frustration with even occasional dips into anarchy 101 and a link through there... so basically a series of fortunate coincidences. How I arrived at my worldview is a whole other topic and ongoing process. And thank you, I don't know that I've ever been called based.


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dang, how did you find raddle? You are extremely based for someone whose account is only 3 months old.


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This example: If you push anarcho-redditors far enough they will almost get it if you remove their intended tone of voice and implied racism.


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as I try to get a better grip on what life is like for the average person is like in a non imperialist contry the evidence piled up and up that for americans their lifestyle might as well be that of jeff bezos or a moviestar.

So on some level a lot of anti civ knee jerk reactions feel like racism. "ugh you want me to live like indigenous, african or south east asian people? They are so primitive and discusting. If I had to stoop halfway to their level I would be oppressed"

Honestly tequila being aggravated that raddle has lots of westerners makes sense. Because so many of the problems almost certainly feel incredibly out of touch compared to the reality of most black people in south africa.

And to clarify since there are new people here. The average person has a way lower standard of living due to immperialism. So I"m not making a statement that X racial group just is so much worse than westerners. In fact I think their lifestyles are way more admirable than mine.

Edit: for the anarchists love of imperialist goods, military's, "community defense forces", telling immperialized groups how to live their life and hatred of not benefiting from imperialism I highly doubt the average anarchist would want to stop imperialism. Nerveless be able to take the massive loss in quality of life to implement it.