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annikastheory wrote

I did a quick google to see if I could find a story about cops shutting down a kids lemonaid stand and the first three results were three different stories of the same thing happening. and those articles led me to three additional stories.

But also this reminds me of the running gag in Avatar.


metocin wrote

My dad happened to have one of Carlin's books and I read it when I was pretty young, like 11 or 12. His humour and way of thinking about the world had a huge influence on me growing up. No doubt it is one of the reasons I'm an anarchist now.


ziq OP wrote

Reply to comment by Kinshavo in George Carlin on being anticiv by ziq

idk comrade, sounds like an ecofash publication... since when are we concerned with desire? such a frivolous thing can only inhibit the productivity of the worker and thus stifle the revolutionary project


ziq wrote

I wished upon a shooting star for the fairest, bravest, fairest ruler in the land and Joe Biden came forth and gave me scabies.


ziq wrote

Reply to Anticiv 😭 by Kinshavo

I guess 'fascist' has more power than 'savage' / 'heathen' / 'uncivilized' nowadays.