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ziq OP wrote

Aint too late for revenge tho.


existential1 wrote

In the context of this and some other stuff I've been goin through...I'm really starting to contemplate the superfluousness of a lot of knowledge and efforts. I might need to do less reading/planning/skill acquisition and just more direct action helping people.


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

Don’t treat direct action as if it won’t help you build on your knowledge of the world. It’s a learning experience just as significant as reading theory, if not moreso.


existential1 wrote

True that. I guess more of a dichotomy of theory/practice. I've been getting too far off-balance and not constantly letting one inform the other.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

For me it's pretty much the following:

Building as autonomous and resilient a mutual aid society as possible within your bioregion but also with substantial interconnections beyond regions. But that means we have to do everything, always - all the reading planning and skill acquisition (as well as all the means to transfer that knowledge) and all the infrastructure- and relationship-building.

But it's baby steps out here.