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Fool wrote

*Made the Mammoth extinct, through over hunting.


kano wrote (edited )

As far as I'm aware there is a lot of consensus among people who study this shit that the presence of homo sapiens contributed to the extinction of many species of megafauna along with other factors such as climate change, and competition between species. It's worth noting that mass extinctions have coincided with the arrival of homo sapiens in various parts of the world, also separated from each other in time by thousands of years.

Also Worth noting that competition between humans and megafauna unrelated to human predation of megafauna as well as other interspecies competition probably also contributed to these extinctions.

And I think human hunting technologies are being underestimated here, and it should be noted that species can wreak havoc on ecosystems they didn't spend evolutionary time evolving with

Edit: also about the meme itself I think it's kind of strange to refer to agriculture as lazy when agriculture is far more labour intensive then hunter gathering


Fool wrote

They would drive them off cliffs and kill large numbers at once. The ease at killing lead to human over population and over hunting of mammoths.

Mammoths would probably have survived climate change otherwise.