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lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

Yeah because it's totally cool to just pollute the shit out of the desert which are rich with animals living there.

And like plenty of people live in deserts even the Saharan desert.


monday wrote


This is some trolling or this fucking human forget that planet Earth is a closed environment, they can't travel to Mars yet... Fucking settler mentality, just dump the trash outside my sight and we are good, right?


existential1 wrote many deserts have very vulnerable ecosystems and lifeforms that can be ruined just from tire tracks.


Somewhereinthedesert wrote

I finally created an account on here after lurking for about a year just to comment on this post. If this person is serious than this has to be one of the worst takes I have ever read


ziq OP wrote

Sorry yo, your life only matters if you live in the city.


flamekid wrote

do people really think desert just means wasteland