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asterism wrote (edited )

I feel like they are missing the part where climate change is going to cause us all to starve to death.

edit: I live in the US. I am sheltered from a lot of things that everyone else has to deal with. But like its obvious to me (who doesn't grow shit) that things aren't right. I can feel it especially in the winters. I just don't know how you can think about climate change and not think about it being the cause for mass starvation.


Fool wrote

Those cities flooding is normal, nothing to see here.


Fool wrote

Actually, that is actually a talking point of "knowledge centrists" - that the extreme weather is normal but people have short memories.


bloodrose wrote

Because this person clearly just read about the warming after the little ice age and thinks that we would be in a full ice age if it weren't for industrialization.


ziq OP wrote

Next up: anarcho-redditors explain how bulldozing forests to build parking lots is doing anarchy because parking lots are wheelchair accessible and forests are ableist.


Fool wrote (edited )

What were they thinking when they designed trees, most don't have ramps. Those that do have ramps, are all bumpy and the ramp only goes part way.

But I guess that's government contracting for you, never doing things correctly. Anarcho-forests would be much more accessible, and built for purpose by people that care.



LittleHelp wrote

Ah yes, the three primitivists in a trench coat. So glad reddit anarchists are working full time to stop those three from overthrowing society and killing billions


CaptainACAB wrote

I've found basically everyone 'sympathetic' to primitivists doesn't understand or appreciate how industrialization happened and functions.

Slavery? Exploiting men, women, and children for labor under such terrible conditions that laws had to be made against it and even then sweatshops are still a thing? Ecological destruction and ruination on an unprecedented scale? Great Britain? Protestant Work Ethic?? Come on, none of these things are good!

Primitivists themselves, of course, generally don't bother pretending there's a solution, and this is why we say the disabled are left to die by them.

...That's why??


unemployed_princess wrote (edited )

Their ideology basically mandates the mass starvation of billions and the immense suffering and likely painful death thereafter

“A staggering 345 million people are now experiencing acute hunger, a number that has more than doubled since 2019”

Believing that industrialized society will save people from the the effects of industrialized society is magical thinking.


CaptainACAB wrote

Let's be honest, they'd blame it solely on Capitalism.

Neoliberalism if they're more savvy.

Or, better yet, they'll go full on utilitarian and say that millions starving is better than billions starving.


ziq OP wrote

of course mass starvation in the global south is the lesser evil when despicable green anarchy is the alternative, do you even care about murican lives??

so long as uncle joe is keeping (my identity group) safe, the rest of the world's suffering is inconsequential

lesser evilism means everyone outside our borders has to die horribly to safeguard our god-given privileges

that's just reality

grow up and be practical

if we don't stand on the backs of starving children, how will we protect the children??


CaptainACAB wrote

my socdem anarcho socialist utopia will have no exploitation

we will get our rare metals from spaaaaace rocks which the space anarcho miners will mine for free because humans are fundamentally good and will do work for free far away from their loved ones so that strangers can have smartphones

meat will be cloned and the aminals can live in zoos or nature reserves or something

i mean marx never said anything about animals so fuck em honestly if they wanted me to care they should have been born humans

menial labor will be done by machines and nerds can do maintenence on those machines for free because farmers and meat harvesters will also work for free and they can share food with the nerds and everyone else so i take up my weeklong passion of drawing

climate change will go away once we all hold hands and get rid of the profit motive born form icky capitalism and the capitalists and cops and priests will see the errors of their ways and we'll all sit in a circle and sing kumbaya

egoists who follow the laws community guidelines laws dont have anything to worry about as long as you follow societies rules you can be as free and individually fulfilled as we they want the axe of the anarcho executioner is guided by the anarcho judge who is always incorruptible and right

and no one will ever die again and the world will know unending stagnant peace

buuuut we gotta purge the inhuman monsters and continue to shoulder the white mans burden for the foreseeable future because why should i be inconvenienced


lettuceLeafer wrote

Omg this is brilliant. Have you thought about making a socially conservative cult? I'd totally cover up your sexual abuse scandals since your such a good think. I'd even be willing to die in a war to fulfill your ideal. And by die in a war I mean I recruit some uneducated masses to die and I can be your underling in the new government. Since ur such a good bug thinker and all.

From now on my ideology is CaptainACABist. Or CACABist. I'm so glad I have found such a great leader to develoutly follow into the light of leftism.


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )



I gotta think of a different username now.

Thanks a lot, lettuce, goddammit


ziq OP wrote (edited )


those starving people aren't white affluent anarcho-settlers so they don't matter

you're gonna ruin everything if people start to realize reddit anarchists are only concerned with clinging to the spoils of imperialism

they'll never be able to use identity to virtue signal again


Archaplain wrote

The person saying "2 reasons" in the screenshot is the mod of r/anarchy101; a known shitstirrer and asshole.


ziq OP wrote

yea that dipshit censored me and others for voicing anticiv positions in anarchy101 when they first got modded and lies about it whenever I mention it


__0 wrote

This is your brain on ideology.


ruinsociety wrote

Let's be honest. These jabronis just want their 4k TVs, smartphones, PCs, video games, cars, robotics crap. Technology, innovation, progress lol.