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lettuceLeafer wrote

Question for you anti civers. Without civilization how will I be able to own artillery to shoot down ancom space ships?


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

This was a rhetorical question but for those who don't idolize being a terrorist in a an com society the answer is gunpowder missiles or mortaring the space ship before launch.

Edit: I don't advocate terrorism against neoliberals or breaking the law. This is a hypothetical anarchist society where launching missiles at ancoms is legal and poses no threat to neoliberal regimes. Don't want the FBI to think I wanna do terrorism in non hypothetical contexts


roanoke9 wrote

For civ supporters: why do any of these things?


moonlune wrote

Weapon (missile), weapon (communication), weapon (nuclear)

I think there's a pattern...


CaptainACAB wrote

If anyone needs me, I'll be taking my Large Hadron Collider to the next star system and radioing my findings to Gillis as an ordinary guy with no academic accolades to my name.

That post can't actually be serious, right?


veuzi wrote

You're not gonna get Star Trek with solar panels and hydro dams.


stagn2 wrote

When anarchy comes, there will be no more capitalists to impose a system of irrational production based on exploitation and pollution . So anarcho-scientists will invent a way to build space bicycles, which can be produced by small communities with only local products (wood, iron) without pollution in a short time and without division of labor. So I will stop exploring the woods with my capitalist mtb and start exploring space with OUR new anarcho-space-bike.

This is to cool now i am an anarcho-space-cyclist