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CaptainACAB wrote

The 3 egocoms been real silent since this dropped.


kinshavo wrote

I always got Dr bones and monsieur Dupont confused


kinshavo wrote

"Why Would You Say Something So Controversial Yet So Brave?"


bloodrose wrote

Egoist-communism? So, syndaclism?


CaptainACAB wrote

Nah, Syndicalism is Anarcho-Marxist-Leninism.

Egoist-Communists tend to just be anarcho-communists that have, usually for worse, adopted egoist lingo and cherrypicked a few ideas.

Though, the Dr. Bones piece in the actual meme describes it differently; they use communist in that airy "stateless, classless" definition and emphasizes cooperation:

When I speak of Communism I’m not talking about the surrendering of property to some spooky and religious “Us” that dictates our behavior. I’m talking about the goal of communization: existence without exchange, money, commodities, etc. I’m talking about the working class itself ceasing to exist as the working class. This is Communism by the people involved with it for their benefit, a system the Pirates of old utilized:

I dislike the definition because it's the main reason people think that communists and anarchists have the same end goal. It also fails to account for the modern context of Marxist governments.

In this case, it's superfluous (and egoist-communism draws a line that doesn't even need to be drawn): egoists aren't pro-class, pro-market, or anti-cooperation and they're definitely anti-state.

This has nothing to do with “humanity” or what’s right. I simply want what’s mine. This is communism where we can look out over the horizon and say “this is all yours, and mine too,” a communism where we can take care of one another because it pleases us to do so and because it ensures we too shall be taken care of.

This is basically just egoism with the additional context of "Stirner's critics"; "Communism" doesn't even need to be used, but it is for some reason.