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tuesday wrote (edited )

yeah, see apparently it's ok because it's not in reference to a person so it isn't actually ableism. and it's better to be smart anyway. /s


zoom_zip wrote

can we just all go and post anticiv memes and links to anticiv books and and flower bomb essays on anarchistlibrary, and news articles about climate collapse.

and just keep doing it every day until it becomes an unmanageable moderation job and the mod just abandons it.

is that petty?


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I dedicate my life to being petty.

They'd just make the sub approved submitters only though.


roanoke9 wrote

Anyone else ever read Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut? It's a fun novel length answer to this one sentence critique.


ziq OP wrote

nope. summarise?


roanoke9 wrote

It is about a catastrophe that leads to only a handful of humans surviving and the present (I think the 1960s) being constantly contrasted with a future 1 million years later. The present events are a critique of the ridiculousness of modern civ as well as just funny circumstances that lead to the catastrophe. The future is humans have evolved from the few survivors to be smaller mammals with smaller brains and flippers instead of hands with thumbs. The quote I remember best is something about overpopulation used to be a problem but we don't worry about that now because now enough people get eaten by sharks to keep us from ever messing up the world again. He goes on about how we used to work horrible jobs and be depressed and hopeless and kill each other. Now we mostly play and fuck and eat fish (they future humans are kind of like seals) and don't use weapons because of our lack of thumbs. It's a vicious/hilarious rebuttal to the idea that evolution is a linear procession towards superiority with humans being some kind of apex. Edit: the seal like humans are presented present tense and the world wrecking humans are presented as the distant past, making it more of an inversion. It was 20 yrs ago I read it.