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ziq OP wrote (edited )

it seems to be a huge inconsistency with reds: claiming to desire the overthrow of the social order but being terrified of the consequences of life beyond that social order.

isn't communism all about trusting in your fellow humans to foster a better way of life for all, rather than putting the power in government and capital to dictate the organization of society?

so why does every red seem to panic and go on the attack when someone voices their desire for a new era of human development, to move past the global ecocidal catastrophe we live in?

You're the ones celebrating the loss of everything they need to survive, we're the ones telling you to stop because then dying is bad. Keep projecting, embarrassed eco-fash larping as an anarchist.

But aren't the consequences of calling for an end to capitalism exactly the same as calling for a new post-civilization era? Do they imagine a revolution to overthrow capitalism won't have casualties? Gonna guess no? But dying is bad? So isn't anti-capitalism bad? And since civilization kills millions of people everyday (cancer, heart disease, traffic accidents, police, etc), doesn't that mean civilization is killing people? Doesn't that mean supporting the continued proliferation of civilization makes you bad?

Mutual aid is not going to make my surgeries safe or my hrt appear

So you don't trust anarchy to care for people? Yet you're an anarchist?

Why do you hate trans people?

When you oppose the mass control, torture and death wrought on us by leviathan, that means you... hate trans people? how is this any different than conservatives saying being anti-climate-change means you hate the working class?


gone_to_croatan wrote

This piss me off in some deep level.

The ableist/transphobe acusation..

Dependency on technology or in the State is not an issue for Anarchism, yet they keep pushing this narrative.

"everything they need to survive" is problematic beyond reasonable. Reeks of whiteness and colonialism.

If the mainstream internet anarchism™ didn't reached past the point of needing democracy, we are not ready to see death and bodies being discussed without this milquetoast liberal takes


Styx wrote (edited )

The ableist/transphobe acusation..

Not to forget the only reason they can do HRT is that they or their parents can afford to pay for their medical expenses. How many people in the US die each year because they cannot afford fucking insulin? So yeah, congratulations on winning the birth lottery. It makes perfect sense you'd want to keep the things as they are.


GlangSnorrisson wrote

So I have no interest in defending ridiculous accusations from reds, but this response rubbed me the wrong way and here’s why:

  1. Someone being concerned about their access to life-improving medication and then being met with “whatabout insulin (or insert other med that is shamefully unavailable to many)” isn’t a particularly coherent exchange. Especially in this case where the average red would tell you “no shit, everyone should have access to the meds they need”.

  2. I’m always annoyed when I see this kind of (again, ridiculous) accusation being taken at face value rather than having the underlying assumptions/beliefs critiqued (medicalisation of transness, failure to understand disability etc.)

Nothing personally against you, but my brain wouldn’t stop itching until I’d written out some kind of response.


Styx wrote

I wasn't responding to someone's concern over being denied healthcare, but to someone accusing anti-civs of being ableist without realising that civilisation is ableist by default.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I wonder how they'd react to an ancom revolution, how quickly they'd plead for everyone to stop rising up because its obstructing the functioning of the system? When the supermarkets are all closed due to looting? When the stockmarkets crash and Starbucks and Netflix go out of business because money no longer has value? When the hospitals stop operating because the bougie doctors won't work without pay? When the police stations are all shuttered and there's no one to stop people from storming gentrified neighborhoods to take back their homes? When the white army is going house to house shooting leftists and the red army is going house to house shooting rightists? Something tells me it'll be long before any of this. Probably when their savings account is wiped out or when their boss closes shop and lays them off.


existential1 wrote

Some people would much prefer keeping everything about the present order except who's in charge.