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zzuum wrote

On one hand, I hope the Kurds will be ok, but on the other there is never good US intervention.


ziq wrote

The US intervention here is genocide. They're selling 3.5 million dollars worth of missiles to Turkey to cleanse Northern Syria of Kurds.


martasultan wrote

Correction: 3.5 billion dollars just yesterday, as well as plenty of other, even more expensive deals for jets and missiles earlier this year.


celebratedrecluse wrote

the Kurds are going to be ethnically cleansed with weapons the US manufactured and sold to Turkey's ethnostate, I don't think "genocided" qualifies as "ok"

(is genocided a word???)


martasultan wrote (edited )

I'd say it was at the least good in it was keeping off said Turkish invasion- which means the Kurds will not be okay.