Turkey invades Rojava, allowing ISIS to spread once again

Submitted by arduinna in SyrianCivilWar

A few days ago, on Sunday, Turkish forces began to shell Kobane and surroundings.. Yesterday, Erdogan announced a new campaign against the Syrian Democratic Forces. Just in time for Kobane Day, first celebrated 2014, Turkey has brought in armored vehicles in an assault against the region.

The SDF has been involved in a campaign against ISIS, neutralizing their largest stronghold in Haijin- of course, Turkey intervened just in time to turn the tides, combined with the sandstorm of recent, which marks the largest territorial gain ISIS has made this year. Of course, this anti-ISIS operation has been forced to a halt due to the Turkish army's ongoing invasion.

I call upon you to offer your support to Rojava in grim times, and to act against the dictator and imperialist Erdogan.


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assadsquad wrote

Bashar al-Assad had offered support to the Syrian Democratic Forces in Afrin, and they refused. This is the natural conclusion for opposing the territorial integrity of Syria in favor of sucking off Amerika. This is just an inter-imperial war, between the Ottoman Empire and Amerika, and hardly worth even a moment's consideration.


arduinna wrote

Bashar al-Assad had offered support to the Syrian Democratic Forces in Afrin, and they refused.

...for the same reason they fought Turkey, for their independence from authoritarian dictatorships. This seemed simple enough to me.


ziq wrote

And btw, why do tankies give a shit about Assad? He doesn't even pretend to be a Marxist.


ziq wrote

Ever occur to you there are 3 empires in this war? Assad/Russia aren't gonna treat the Kurds any better than the other 2.


assadsquad wrote (edited )

Assad is the lawful and rightful leader of the Syrian people against imperialism and Russia is not as terrible a force as Amerika.


ziq wrote

lawful and rightful leader

Oh please.


You sound like some kind of bot regurgitating tankie falsehoods.


assadsquad wrote

linking me capitalist liberal propaganda


ziq wrote (edited )

Tankies gonna tank.

Fuck your idol assad, you're a capitalist imperialist reactionary posing as a radical. I'm sick of you tankies spreading your hateful racist capitalist rhetoric here. You're not a communist. None of you are communists.