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Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in SyrianCivilWar (edited )

Youtube has just joined Facebook and Twitter by shutting down the YPG/YPJ/SDF Media Office's account, as well as other Kurdish activists supporting the peshmarga. Meanwhile ISIS and pro ISIS accounts still exist freely without any censorship. The reality is that 'Free Speech' is a tool of oppression designed by and for the furthering of interests of privileged elites, resulting in a white supremacist, statist, cis normative, hetero-patriarchal, capitalist world where neo-Nazi groups parade around freely advocating for literal genocide and massacres against minorities; a process that has literally led to the loss of lives. Naturally this system thrives and reproduces itself through ensuring the protection of fascists and neo-Nazis's right than that of terrorized minorities.

The continued erasure, silencing and censorship of Kurdish voices is a deeply painful issue that relates to a long and ongoing history of stolen and lost languages, cultures, intellectual, political and other forms of self representation. This is why speaking, having a voice, refusing to be silent and telling your story and that of your people is an essential and powerful tool for resistance, self reclamation and liberation against this system. This is why resistance against this system must come in all forms, because where YPG/YPJ/SDF is silenced another form of violent terrorism is empowered because we don't live single issue lives and ALL politics is interconnected.

#YoutubeSupportsISIS #YoutubeSilencesKurds


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ziq wrote

Google is obviously taking its orders from the empire at this point, getting so sick of their giant boot pressing on the internet.


bmrgould01 wrote

It's back up now.

Apparently it was a mistake, taken down with the whole "anti-ISIS" campaign they're doing. It seems a lot of anti-ISIS campaign has them hitting the wrong people in their blanket of bans.


BlackFlagged wrote

That's surprising since the US is supporting the Kurds.


zod wrote (edited )

They're supporting them while they see profit in it, the moment they see more profit from genociding them, you can wave good bye to Rojava. Don't forget what a huge ally Turkey is to the US.


BlackFlagged wrote

Since the US got most of the Kurdish groups to rename themselves and at least symbolically abandon their revolutionary roots, I'm not so sure Rojava is even going to be anything more than another ethnostate at this rate.