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tnstaec wrote

Video didn't work for me. I'm not as concerned about what ISIS will mutate into as what will happen to Rojava. I want to believe they'll be relatively unaffected by the continued conflict in Eastern Syria and have de facto autonomy. If they declare independence, Turkey will find some pretext to invade. They may do so anyway.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

the tldw is

what happens?

  1. there were about 30 000 foreign fighters in ISIS that are now battle-hardened jihadists, who without the state will now disperse back into the world and form international jihadist networks

  2. there are about 6000 US troops that are either going to need to stick around there or come home. both of these options are bad.

  3. Isis moves from a place to an idea. it's no longer a place you go to fight, but an idea you fight for. Isis is good at propaganda with some very slick videos and though they can be beaten on the ground in iraq and syria, the idea is impossible to defeat.